About us

About Rooyesh

The agricultural food exporter company under the name of Rooyesh , has been established by a group of conductors whom have developed its trading activities to the higher level based on the implementation of Being one of the few organizations that can provide all the standard, flexible and efficient full spectrum incoming and outgoing products under the standard packaging regulations. Our professional, knowledgeable, experienced group dynamically expand the company.


As an agricultural product provider, our vision is to devise the healthiest fresh food supplying system by providing healthy lifestyle outstanding tips to our consumers. We also intend to expand our services globally in order to contribute to a healthy food environment and develop economic growth and in the country. .


Rooyesh group aims to provide and promote all its branded high quality , healthy , vitiated agricultural beverages to all consumers that are looking for healthy life style. We endeavor to expand our business with the same integrity and honestly that we use to create our products to provide sustainable excellence and returns in our product, while ensuring consumers fresh produce trade within international standards and other procedures.

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